The Staff made writing our wills an easy process. They were patient with us during many revisions and questions. I am pleased with the end result.
— S.E.
I came to Bluegrass Elderlaw with quite an urgent mess concerning my parents ~ one that seemed to be changing every other day at that! They have been fantastic at handling the situations that came their way and helping us through. From Medicare concerns to probate and more, they have taken care of it all. We were blessed to find them!
— Lisa R.
I would use this group again. I found this group, particularly Amy, to be very compassionate and helpful. Her professional approach and honest assessments have been very helpful in my decision-making.
— Edward L.
Bluegrass Elderlaw is very competent and compassionate. When we moved our mother to Kentucky, we wanted to get her an elder law attorney that was respected, experienced, and knowledgeable. Mom’s lawyer in New York recommended Bluegrass Elderlaw to us, and we are extremely happy with the excellent service we have received. These wonderful attorneys work together to produce top-quality legal documents. Communicative and forthright, they were always available to give informed legal advice over the phone. When Mom passed away this month, her affairs were thankfully all in order. We are grateful that Bluegrass Elderlaw can now settle her estate for us with a minimum of paperwork and expense.

This firm is not only efficient and trustworthy, they are also extremely understanding and compassionate. They made our mother’s sad passing much easier and treated our family with great kindness and respect. We highly recommend this excellent team.
— Peter P.
My husband died in July, 2013. The Alzheimer’s disease and then various medical difficulties were just too much for his vulnerable body to bear. I miss him dreadfully and am doing all sorts of workshops and counseling to find a new life.

Dealing with all the legal aspects of his death was very easy. I’m grateful that we came to see you when we did. I hope you are well and that your work is pleasant and rewarding.
— Joan
My mother used to talk about you, “Carolyn Kenton.” If she had a role model of a woman who was capable of anything, you were it.

When we need help you took on what seemed to be an unending problem — and as you said “I got it done!”

Many thanks — are there thanks enough? Feel free to use my story to encourage people to manage their affairs.
— Karen B.