The Reading of the Will: Fact or Fiction

The reading of the will as featured in movies and television is a common legal myth. Generally, after someone dies and the will is located, the executor will file to have the Will Probated. He or she will likely send copies to the beneficiaries or other family members. There will not be an official day where everyone goes to the attorney’s office and sits in fancy leather chairs while an attorney reads every clause in the will.

This is likely a custom that took place when we could not easily duplicate these documents for others to read. Additionally, literacy rates used to be much lower. In that set of circumstances, it would not be as uncommon for someone to read the will aloud.

Thus, if you are not invited to a reading of the will does not mean you have been disinherited. If you have not been provided a copy, you may be able to procure one at your local courthouse. A Will that has been probated is a public document and can be accessed in the county where it was probated.  

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